The Beginning of Something

This little snippet was written this morning in response to a daily writing challenge.  Make up your own story about what you think is going on and share it with me in the comments.  Keep it clean. Comments will be reviewed before released.

She didn’t belong in a police station.  You could tell by the look on her face that it was probably the first time she had ever seen the inside of one.  Perhaps she was looking for the jail cells, or the drunks to be lined up on benches.  Her knuckles were even whiter than the rest of her as they clutched her handbag.  She was dressed in all white, with blonde hair pulled tight into a ponytail.  The strands that tried to stand out had been plastered down into conformity and who would dare disobey. As her eyes danced about the room, they didn’t land on anything and gave no indication they knew of the room full of men watching her just on the other side of the glass.

“You aren’t going to believe this.  She said she had a premonition.” He said the word like it had claws that were trying to hang onto his teeth.   It barely escaped his lips enough to be audible.

pexels-photo-716411.jpeg“A what?” Harmond responded with much more voice and pronunciation.

Kaleb didn’t bother repeating the word.  He knew he had been understood, just not believed.  He faced the glass staring out with one hand in his pocket and one hand waving away the weight of the room. “She said she just knew it was going to happen based on a dream and she came here today to ask us to stop it, but as you know, she was kind of too late.”

“Well, then, did this dream give her any details on who pulled off this prank?”


“Then send her home.  Maybe she will dream that up and call us back.”



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