About the Author

Gosh, I hate these things.  If you’ve ever been in a meeting where they go around the room and ask each person to tell a little about themselves, then you will understand EXACTLY how I feel right now. As your turn draws near you freeze because you realize you don’t have any credentials that would qualify you for speaking to these people.

I graduated from a local state university over twenty-five years ago with a B.S. in Health Science with an emphasis in Administration.  For whatever reason, I have always been more comfortable with communicating by pen or computer.  My writing style is casual, southern, and mirrors the way I talk.  I have zero interest in impressing you with my grammar skills or my massive vocabulary.  Instead, I hope we can just take our hair down and be real.  I have been told, that my writing talent comes in the form of being relatable, somewhat humorous, and honest, but I will let you be the judge.

In real life, I am a married mom of two children.  My daughter started driving and dating this year.  My son just started kindergarten.  Recently, my husband was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia and my hair started greying.  I quit the corporate world three years ago to spend more time at home. Now, I work part-time as a fashion buyer/small boutique owner for plus-sized women.  I LOVE creative outlets of most any kind –writing, scrapbooking, painting, home decorating, fashion buying, etc.  Occasionally, that love spills over into the kitchen and I’m a decent cook.   I would hope any talent shown in the kitchen would be rewarded by someone else cleaning my mess or maybe in the youngest actually eating something besides a chicken nugget.  You can bet it doesn’t happen, but I would like it.18199169_10156068539144112_5641281988903052785_n (1)